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How's it work?

We connect your store with our network, supplying you with traceable foods that build customer trust in your brand while reducing your store's risk of being affected by food safety recalls. Not only do we supply your store with foods that are high quality and low risk, we also use blockchain technology to track product data and optimize business efficiency - meaning more sales and less paperwork for you.

Did you know?

94% of consumers say it is important that brands and manufacturers are transparent about what is in their food and how it's made.

Study by Label Insight, 2017

You know your store's products are the best. Now everyone else will, too.

A partnership with Bytable stands apart from the rest.

We help you treat your customer better, sell more products, increase your gross profit, and reduce costs.

By working with us, you'll expand your product selection and ensure your store shelves are stocked with the highest quality products. You'll also get access to innovative tools for product tracking and data transparency, plus strategies designed by experts in food, food safety, technology, risk, and consumer analysis.

We know you have a lot on your plate.

Here's a quick overview of what a Bytable partnership will do for you and your store:

Minimize cost and reduce risk.

Lower your liability by reacting faster to fraud or safety issues. Lower costs by automating processes and decision making with our blockchain technology and reducing human error.

Keep more customers coming back.

Consumer access to data on their food increases customers' happiness and engagement while building trust in your brand.

Sell more.

Consumer trust, higher quality products, optimized efficiency, and smarter data insights mean more customers in your store and higher product sales.

Not only are we using cutting-edge blockchain technology to track products, we can also use that technology to:

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