We use blockchain and IoT technology to build traceable, transparent food systems.


Because it shouldn't take an investigative journalist to find out where our food comes from.

What a Traceable, Transparent Supply Chain Means for Your Food Company


  • Instantly know where your products are, where they've been, and where they're going
  • Reduce recall risk and cost
  • Increased efficiency

Did you know?

A food recall costs $10 million on average, not including damage to your brand.

Can your company survive a food recall?


  • Share your story
  • Build better relationships with your customers
  • Differentiate your quality products

Did you know?

73% of consumers are willing to pay more for transparent food products.
56% of them say they would be loyal to that brand for life.
Can you afford to not be transparent?


Unlike most blockchain solutions, Bytable puts data assurance at the forefront.

Data Integrity

To ensure the data entered onto the blockchain is verifiable and accurate, Bytable builds our blockchain infrastructure around quality standards and auditable IT controls.

  • Manage user access to private data
  • Protect your brand from fraudsters
  • Tamper-proof data records

Ready to make your supply chain traceable and transparent?